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Meet Our Mentors

Our mentors consist of successful startup founders and startup ecosystem enablers, who will be mentoring to 7 startups 1:1.

About Mentors

The top 7 finalists will be assigned 1 mentor each. Our chosen group is successful startup founders who have been through the rigorous process and built their companies. These founders represent various industries but all have a common understanding of building startups.

From common mistakes and problems that founders have and avoiding them to building network to finding mentors, they bring in a tone of knowledge.These mentors have committed 3 hours of their time to the startups they will be assigned, but the relationship and network can last a lifetime.

Mr. Amit Agrawal

Mr. Amit Agrawal

Co-founder & Director, Khalti

Dr. Prativa Pandey

Dr. Prativa Pandey

Founder & CEO, Catalyst Technology & Herveda Botanicals

Mr. Suman Rayamajhi

Mr. Suman Rayamajhi

Managing Director, Upaya City Cargo

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