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About the award

Welcome to NYEF Startup
Awards 2023

NYEF Startup Awards, organized by the NYEF Kathmandu chapter, is a premier competition and bootcamp for enthusiastic and driven entrepreneurs like you because we believe that you want to nurture your startup into a scalable business. If your startup has been in the market for less than 4 years, this is just the right platform.

Our objective is to develop a business ecosystem in Nepal through the means of exposure, mentorship, and investment. We will equip you with knowledge from experts, provide 1:1, intense mentorship program, and then provide you a platform to pitch your business in front of a panel of judges and investors. REGISTER NOW to win the NYEF Startup Awards 2023 and get an opportunity to learn from business leaders, win cash prizes and networking opportunities, and become a part of the largest business ecosystem.

  • Learn from the Experts and Leaders

    Get and opportinuty to connect and learn from experts, dedicated mentors and other founders.

  • Showcase your Product

    Get an opportunity to showcase your product to the prominent business leaders, coaches and investors.

  • Become Part of the Ecosystem

    Become part of the largest ecosystem of entrepreneurs in Nepal and grow your reach.

  • Media Coverage

    Get and opportunity to be featured is some of the the most influential media outles.

  • Win Awesome Prizes

    Get a chance to win cash prize along with other awesome prizes.


NYEF Startup Awards 2022

Second series of our signature event, NYEF Startup Awards 2022 brought in some of the most innovative startups of Nepal.







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Checklist of criterias

Eligibility Criteria

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    Your startup should be officially recognized and registered by the government of Nepal.

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    Your startup should not have been registered more than 5 years ago (before 01/09/2018)

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    Your startup should have a product or service in place.

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    Startup owned by any NYEF member shall not be eligible.

Rules to follow

Code Of Conduct

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    The application form is to be filled in English only.

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    Any false information provided will result in the immediate elimination.

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    Signing a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is a must

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    Allowances shall not be paid for travel or stay.

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    Participants should be in smart casuals (or more formal attire) during the pitch.

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    The startup founders should be able to commit their time as required for the participation.

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If you would like to contact us, please do not hesitate. We are happy to hear from you. You can also find NYEF on Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin.



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